Dominic Kick        

University Website

Maintained the Microbiology and Bioengineering departmental website at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

Art Gallery Website

Designed and implemented website for Koa Gallery at a community college.

Book Website

Designed and implemented a website for the author's book, Tango Y Fandango.

Tuxedo Store Website

Created a sample website for a client.

Comicbook Website

Creation and maintainance of a local Hawai'i comicbook website.

Army Website

Implemented the design for the 9th Mission Support Command Army Reserve.

Soldier Tracking Web App

Developed a custom ASP.Net web application service used regularly in conjunction with barcode scanners and Common Access Cards, and a central SQL database, to track 1000+ Soldiers at various remote locations during short-term events.

AARS Web App

Created an ASP.Net web app to process incoming users requesting a network account.

CAPR Web App

Created an ASP.Net web app to handle incoming user requests for new equipment.

Helpdesk Ticketing

Created an ASP.Net web app to handle incoming user requests for assistance in the form of a ticket. The ticketing system is similar to Remedy solution but customized for the 9th MSC Army Reserve.


Photo was taken in 2001 in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


As a colorist for the local Hawai'i comic book series, Kipaku Kai, I am involved in coloring various covers and comics.

Book Cover

A cover I created for the non-profit organization, HACBED.


One of my works that involved the use of Blender.


I directed and edited a music video, Voix de la Rue.